How to Build a Ratrod?

Ratrod is amongst the popular types of car used by individuals, who love to race. You can use it to display the man hiding within you and at the same time, talk to the wind while on the road.

Ratrod is a type of barebones car that is built especially for people, who love speed and racing. Ratrod never looks pretty, and it shouldn’t be new too. In fact, experts believe that older the car better will be your Ratrod. Again, it’s pretty simple to build this model. However, it’ll require some time, labor and skill for putting it together.


What You Require For Ratrod?

Car, mainly the one that can be customized, should be used. Such type of car allows you to pull out bad parts and insert new ones like:

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Power Components including tire, large carburetor, exhaust header, transmission and piston

Ratrods are totally customizable. Your main aim should be to come with a mean machine, which keeps the ratrod essence in it.

Choose the Frame of Your Car

From Dodge Dart to old Camaro, old Mustang or Gremlin: choosing car frame is your decision. It hardly matters. However, the uniqueness in the car should be visible. Since it is imperative for your Ratrod to race, then better you opt for lighter frames.

Choose the Engine

If you’re looking for your Ratrod be extremely powerful, you should make sure that the biggest available engine is fitted under the hood. Even, buying new engine is not required. Rebuilt or used engines work fine for the car type. Remember, your goal is raw power, so make sure engine’s big & sloppy.

Install Every Essential Component

Your next focus should be on installing the chassis, engine and frame along with basic power components. These are optional components and include transmissions, batteries, axles or wheels.

Stripping the Interior

Stripping car’s interior allows you to pull out any component adding to the weight of the vehicle. This means old seats and center consoles.

While checking the interior, you should also find if the ratrod is working safely or not. It’s important to have them functioning properly in race cars. Other safety measures include removing glass windows & mirror, add padding and a 5-point harness system.

Work on its Body

While Ratrod shouldn’t have a pretty appearance, it deserves some paint job. Most of them are painted only with black primer or color schemes, which make it appear dirty and a mean machine. Apart from painting, you can also go for adding acing flare, which includes air vent or spoiler.

Tires & Rims

Tires should be given proper consideration, as they’re the only thing on your Ratrod, which makes contact with the road. You should make sure that tires are in excellent shape and picked mainly for racing. Rims should also be the one which should be given consideration. You should make sure that your rims have the ability of withstanding the pressure of tires & vehicle that are around the turns.

Testing Your Vehicle

Prior to taking your self-designed Ratrod to the tracks for participating in competition, it’s important for testing your vehicle and making sure it’s safe. Most Ratrods aren’t legal in streets. You should take your designed models to tracks for test runs. You should make it a point that everything is steady and properly working.

Now, Just Enjoy Your Ratrod!

Once everything has been tested and you’ve found everything from safety features to transmission working to your needs, you can take your Ratrod for a spin. Whether it’s on the tracks or places where you can drive fast, ratrod would be perfect for anyone with yearn for speed.

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