How do the Octane Boosters work?

Octane boosters are truly benedictions for the octane junkies. The working of the octane booster is complemented with the accelerometer. The boosters are used because it is believed that it helps in the octane gas gain, which increases the miles covered by your car.

The slow burning of the gasoline is explained by the scientific term “octane”. Thus, the flame burns for more time, if the octane number is comparatively higher. This has also led to the onset of octane boosters in the market, which promises comparatively higher and better burning of the gasoline.

Octane Booster

But before delving into the details that what exactly is the manner in which the octane boosters have to be worked, you need to understand that why they are being used by the motorists. We know that when the compression ratio of the car will be increased, it will lead to enhancing of the horsepower. Now, if the car has a higher compression ratio, it will definitely be having more octane fuel level than the other cars.

For those who do not understand what compression ratio is all about, here comes a little information.

Compression ratio means the number of times; the compression strokes are functionally possible before the fuel dies out. This ratio clearly suggests the octane level of the car.

At the same time, if the compression ratio is higher, it can cause knocking, pinging or detonation of the fuel, which is also an unwanted side effect. This can very easily; damage the entire functioning of the engine, in case the ignition is not affected. Thus, here comes the importance of fuel with a higher octane number. When the octane boosters are used, the compression levels are increased but it does not cause pining.

At the same time, the engine is able to run to entire compression levels and that too, without causing the pre-igniting of the fuel. Thus, the fuel gas gets the illusion of being a powerful one.

The three main categories of the octane boosters are as follows:

  • Aromatics and alcohols: for example, the Toluene, which is a hydrocarbon which is circular in nature.
  • Ferosene
  • MMT-Methyl cyclopentadienyl manganese tricabonyl

The entire result of the octane boosters is different on the basis of their formulations. Thus, different results are yielded by the octane boosters. But at the same time, some of the octane boosters are not having those long term benefits for the motorists.

Thus, in short the basic working of the octane boosters is to restore the lost and regular functioning of the fuel, making it more functional rather than extinguished. At the same time, octane boosters also lessen and remove the deposits which have been caused due to hesitation, pinging and the knocking.

The usage frequency of the octane boosters is regularly needed to smooth out the functioning of the compression ratio of the car and to give better results.

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