High and Low – Suspension Options

Suspension modifications can provide better handling of your car. Suspension set-ups of stock cars are geared toward the comfort of its occupants rather than enhancing the driver’s overall driving experience.

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It is important for race drivers to be able to handle their cars in the best possible manner, in all road conditions. It is quite hard to handle a sharp curve, or when turning or cornering in high speeds. Your car must have good suspensions that will respond correctly. Shocks control fluctuation of weight distribution due to the movement of the coil springs. High performance shocks, though stiffer, can greatly improve handling. Shocks that can be adjusted in terms of stiffness or softness are a favorite among racers. These shocks are more expensive than the regular shocks, but they do last longer. The lightness of adjustable shocks due to their aluminum casing is also an advantage to racers.

You need high performance springs when you plan to lower or raise the stance of your car. When you attach so much aftermarket products also, your car might weigh heavier than it was before you added some modifications. In this case, you will need to change your springs to heavy duty ones, too. These springs are stiffer than stock springs to be able to carry the weight of your car, and comfort is usually compromised.

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Car lowering kits are available in the market for some car models. The kit includes four pieces of coils springs already cut to a specific size that’s just right for your car model. Most street racecars are lowered. Lowering improves handling and makes the car looking really great.

When making turns, some car bodies make slight movements. In order to hold them in place, suspension accessories like strut bars are installed and connected to the strut towers to hold them together.

Sway bars are suspension accessories that connect a car’s right wheel to its left wheel. Installing a larger sway bar to your car will help increase its resistance to rolls when doing curves, while retaining the ride comfort level.

In the automobile industry, when we say performance, it always means stronger and more durable, among others. Changing the bushings that originally came with your car’s suspension system with performance bushings will increase its handling responsiveness. These performance bushings are made of polyurethane and are harder than your original or stock bushings.

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