Ford Fiesta TDCi

Ford Fiesta is among one of the latest cars to be launched by the famous car manufacturing company, Ford. Ford Fiesta TDCi is a diesel model which has been forcing fans of petrol-model cars to have second thoughts. Moreover, Fiesta TDCi is the only car model which is quite affordable in terms of price range in the luxury car range.

Ford Fiesta TDCi

Most of the people prefer opting for Fiesta when it comes to its looks and appearance. When investing a large amount of money in a car, an individual wants the best out of it in terms of looks, appearance, mileage and performance. And, Fiesta very well scores brownie points over all these factors. This car also has a torque front and its hi-fi diesel engine allows the driver to extract a whopping average of 18kmpl even on busy potholed roads of metropolitan cities. When looking for a refined and sophisticated diesel model in cars, look no further than Ford Fiesta TDCi.

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