Five Things You May Not Know About Subaru

The Subaru car company has established a well deserved reputation as a company that manufactures quality cars that pass the test of time while performing at a high level. Subaru’s have long been popular with outdoors groups, college aged people, and moms who cart kids around to events all over town. The company also has a reputation as putting some of the most reliable vehicles made on the road. But, here are five things you may not know about Subaru.

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1. Early in its existence, the current Subaru company was known as the Nakajima Aircraft Company which was the main producer of aircraft for Japan during World War II.

2. Translating the Japanese word “Subaru” into English gives us the approximate meaning of “to unite” or “to gather together”.

3. In 1968, Nissan acquired a 20% ownership stake in FHI, the parent company of Subaru. Nissan later sold its shares of Subaru to General Motors. GM would later divest itself entirely of Subaru stock and it in turn would be picked up by Toyota who now owns just under 17% of Subaru.

4. While General Motors was a part owner of Subaru, a modified Subaru Impreza was sold in America under the name of the Saab 9-2X.

5. After World War II and before it started manufacturing automobiles as Subaru, the company was known as Fuji Sangyo and produced motor scooters made out of spare aircraft parts leftover from World War II.

Based on their long track record of producing quality vehicles that are effective driving machines in all sorts of adverse condition, and combining that with the fact that Subarus last longer than most cars on the market, and it doesn’t take much to see that they will go on being one of the best auto makers for years to come. Subaru is poised to continue finding new markets and customers to win over, and when they do, company growth is sure to follow.

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