Five Things You May Not Know About Oldsmobile

One of the oldest names in automobiles, especially American automobiles is Oldsmobile. The brand has been around since the dawn of the American automobile industry and has experienced many high points and a few low ones as well. As one of the original Detroit car companies, Oldsmobile earned a well deserved place in the hearts of American car lovers of many generations. Oldsmobile was always one of the more innovative brands of vehicles, and for a time General Motors would try out new technology in Oldsmobile cars first before deciding whether to include it in other models. A great deal of information is known about this, one of the most storied car companies of all time, but here are five things you may not know about Oldsmobile.

Oldsmobile - Retro Red Model

  1. The Oldsmobile company was founded by Ransom Olds in 1897, by 1908 Olds had left the company and it had been purchased by General Motors.
  2. Oldsmobile was the first car manufacturer to offer a fully functional automatic transmission.
  3. The most popular year for Oldsmobile, in terms of vehicles sold, was 1985 when more than 1,060,000 units were sold.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, Oldsmobile (then the Olds Motor Vehicle Company) not Ford was the first automaker to utilize an assembly line during production.
  5. After announcing that it was discontinuing the brand, the last Oldsmobile vehicle was produced in April of 2004. The final vehicle built was an Oldsmobile Alero GLS.

Though the company and brand name are no longer with us, Oldsmobile’s place in the history of automobile manufacturers is safe. The company has kept their reputation as one of the most innovative and modern car brands throughout there existence, despite having a couple of runs through periods of time where they were thought of as left behind by other car makers. Despite the fact that the world has seen the last of cars produced with the name Oldsmobile attached to them, there remains a great many people that continue to have an attachment to the Olds company name.

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