Five Things You May Not Know About Fiat

Cars made by the Fiat Group have been popular in Europe since long before the second World War. The company started in 1899 and was consistently producing well accepted cars by the early 1900’s. The company would grow to produce automobiles all around the world and would eventually be very popular in South America and other Latin American countries. Like most European automobile makers, when World War II did come along they converted to producing military vehicles. A great deal of information is known about the Fiat company, but here are five things you may not know.

Fiat Babe

  1. Second to Italy, where the Fiat company is headquartered, the country where the next most Fiat automobiles are sold is Brazil.
  2. 1908 was the year that the first Fiat automobile was exported from Italy to the United States of America.
  3. When Fiats were first sold in America they were considered a luxury car. It cost at least five times as much money for a buyer to purchase a Fiat than it did for a buyer to purchase a Ford Model T.
  4. For many years the Fiat company was also the owner of the Sestriere skiing resort and other facilities located in the village of the same name in the Alps.
  5. Shortly after World War I, Fiat began producing tractors that became quite popular.

With it’s long history of being one of the more popular car manufacturers in both Italy and the rest of Europe, there appears to be nothing to stop the company from continuing it’s long run of success. Fiat has gone from making popular cars, to making trucks, to making tractors, to making military vehicles, and then back to concentrating on cars again. It has been a long road that Fiat has traveled and they deserve all the success they have achieved.

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