Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo is a perfect small family car and is sure to provide comfort. The designing and the detailing of this car is just perfect and is sure to win loads of appreciation. The car features new turbocharged petrol engine as it facilitates low fuel consumption and the performance of the car is unmatchable. The car has distinguished looks which has the power to lure you to buy it. The sleek and the uncomplicated body lines, front grille and curvilinear rear ends make it look elegant but not sturdy or powerful. With the 148bhp petrol version one can attain 62mph in 8.2sec though the top spped of the car is 130mph. Though the car may look compact, but there is plenty of space which makes the drive for the driver and co-drivers pleasurable.  The car is unmatched for its performance which makes it the most sought car.

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