Experience G force with the Lotus Europa S

The Lotus Europa is designed according to GT standards which meets any sports car freaks expectations. Exhibiting an aluminum body chassis and composite body panels the Europa has a more to offer in terms of its overall capacity. But that’s not all as it has a 2 liter turbocharged GM engine. Now this is the best part. You just give a minor acceleration and this beauty gives a grunt of lioness. Don’t disturb its peaceful sleep, rev it up to full throttle and canalize all the aggression that the engine meets with the wind. To your surprise you might be going more than 200km/h in just 4 seconds before you realize you are flying through the air. Now that’s the beauty of it. Wait till you enter the car and view the interiors. It’s a bombshell!! With two seating capacity you certainly can enjoy a ride with your loved one.

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