Examining the Mini Cooper

With less and less emphasis being put on high powered engines and large heavy vehicles, either because of fuel efficiency concerns or other reasons, there have been a number of popular smaller vehicles introduced to the marketplace. Many of these vehicles combine a retro look with good gas mileage and have become popular with both older and younger customers alike. One of the more unique and popular automobiles to go on the market in the last few years has been the MINI Cooper.

Mini Cooper

The MINI name is both a name of a division of the BMW automobile company as well as one of the cars produced by the BMW MINI division. The original Mini was made by the British Motor Company, and later its successors, starting in 1959 all the way through the year 2000. The new MINI was revived by the Rover Group but remained part of BMW’s structure when they sold the Rover Group in 2003. The new MINI derives its overall look from the original Mini but includes many more modern options and accessories.

Since 2004, the MINI has been available in a soft top convertible version as well as the regular design. Most MINIs are powered by a 1.6 liter engine, though in some countries a 1.4 liter engine is is use. There are many styling options available on different models of MINIs, the Cooper S has a scoop cut into the hood for better airflow, their are single and twin exhaust versions, and the regular MINI Cooper comes with moe chrome parts on the exterior. More than seventy percent of MINIs sold in the United States are of the Cooper S variety.

Mini Cooper Mosaic

The MINI Cooper is one of the many smaller economical cars on the market that is catering to people who are concerned with fuel efficiency. The Cooper is small, comfortable, modern, and of course fuel efficient. The retro look of the MINI Cooper is popular with young people looking for a car that is “different” as well as older people looking for a nod to automotive history. There are a number of retro looking vehicles that have become popular over the past decade and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

With the rising cost of fuel and more and more cars being put on the road every day, many people are turning to smaller cars that get better gas mileage than their much larger counterparts. The benefits of a fuel efficient car like the MINI Cooper are many and are being enjoyed by fans of the car all over the world.

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