Dealing With Hard-to-Reach Spark Plugs

With all the engine parts crammed under the hoods of cars, it can be difficult to get at those spark plugs and even when they can be reached easily, they may be hard to remove. Here are a few tips on removing those spark plugs:

  • Almost every car has at least a spark plug that is a miserable thing to reach. If it is safe to deal with, save that spark plug for last. Then you can finish the job with the pure satisfaction of knowing that you can conquer and master your car.
  • If you discover that one or more spark plugs are blocked by metal cover or air conditioner parts, try using a few ratchet handle extensions to remove them. You may need universal extensions for the ratchet handle to be used at odd angles; offset handles to reach difficult spots and T-bar handles to get better leverage. You should remember that you need to keep the ratchet handle correctly in line with the plug angle to prevent stripping the threads.
  • If you clearly can’t get to the offending spark plug, you can always go to the auto repair shop and ask the mechanic to change that troublesome plug. They may not like it, but it is unquestionably your last resort. If you get to this point, you will probably be glad to pay to get that plug removed.

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