Dashboard Styling

Dashboard styling has been around since horse drawn buggies, the dash board then of course had no kind of instrument panel or any kind of display – it was merely a way to keep the dirt from being flung into the face of the driver while the horses galloped along. Today dashboard styling is all about how your instrument panel looks, some have digital LCD displays, some look like B-17 flying fortress bomber control panels with a gauge for everything that can be thought of – while other dashboard styling details are minimalist and very Spartan in comparison with the 300 million or so other styles.  Dashboard styling involves knowledge of some electrical outputs and inputs along with how to attach sensors if you plan on adding a new gauge or a new gadget to your car. Dashboard styling also needs to take the overall look of the dashboard into account as well.  I am pretty sure that when someone is dashboard styling they don’t want to have a mix and match of all different kinds, I mean a 1920’s fuel gauge next to an LCD screen might not look the best on that old classic model A – and besides how dare you deface a model A that way! 

Dashboard styling needs to be well thought out and well planned, when you are trying your hand at dashboard styling you should consider drawing it out first and then looking at it in front of you – if possible shape the paper to the dashboard on your current vehicle and see if it will work.  You need to be able to see them through the steering wheel so take that into account for blind spots. Dashboard styling has been around forever, so there are millions of gauges you can choose from and different styles with chrome trim to leather strapping that looks like you put instruments on a horse’s saddle. Dashboard styling can be expensive or it can be relatively cheap – it all depends on what you are looking for, so remember when you are dashboard styling you need to consider quality of the sensors, valves, output displays, power requirements and overall esthetic looks.  Dashboard styling needs to be done carefully – you look at your dashboard styling every day!

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