Daimler-Chrysler is the hell spawn of the merger between Daimler-Benz out of Stuttgart and the Chrysler Corporation – this happened in the unholy year of 2001, with it ending finally this year because they were never compatible and it caused too many problems.  It lacked the synergy expected out of these two major car manufacturing firms, and ended with Daimler dumping Chrysler off like an ex at her apartment without even saying goodbye.

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Well, sure, not quite like that – but it’s a fun thought.  What happened was actually worse, as they demerged and handed Chrysler over to Cerberus Capital Management, which was just a firm that restructured poorly performing companies and flipping them faster than houses on the TV.  After they deloused themselves, Daimler made the decision to change their name to Daimler AG – rather than keep the Benz in the name.  While they were together they produced the brands of cars we all know, and some we here in the U.S. have no idea of.  GEM, Smart, and a few others are ones I personally have never seen or heard of here in the US, however they also made Mercedes Benz, Freightliner, Dodge, Maybach, and quite a few others.  This merger is for the whole thing – and the demerger is too with Dodge sticking with Chrysler like glue (it’s the third best seller of trucks in the U.S. – and Daimler wanted to discontinue it at one point! Instead they killed Plymouth).

Daimler Chrysler Car

Chrysler lost one and a half billion dollars last year, and then laid of thirteen thousand employees and closed plants because of the backasswards way in which Daimler tried to manage Chrysler – seeing that they both had competing lines of vehicles and as such were competing against themselves.  It was supposed to be a match made in heaven – making them the biggest car manufacturer in the world – instead it was like trying to match a horse and a cow together and saying “Good luck!”.  After these huge losses were posted Daimler saved face, and auctioned off Chrysler – which was a fine company until this merger.

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