Conducting Pre-road Car Tune-up

Do you know that around 13,000 Americans die during the days in between Memorial Day and Labor Day? According to the report of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these people get killed because of poor vehicle maintenance. Every year, around 2,600 people die and 100,000 are permanently disabled, while $2 billion goes to property damage, medical costs, and lost wages.

A lot of these mechanical failures can be attributed to ignored car maintenance. In the United States alone, one of the leading reasons of car breakdowns is overheating, which, in reality, is so easy to control. Other causes include low coolant or antifreeze, loose or worn-out belts, and damaged cooling system hoses. The truth is it will cost you zero if you can just check tire inflation and pressure. Yet around 21 percent of inspected cars in check lanes do have poorly inflated tires, which can lead to a lethal accident.

Surely, you dread to belong to those statistics. You want to live and enjoy more road trips with you friends and family in the future. Well, you can avoid any accidents if you can simply perform a car tune-up before hitting the road.

Here are some easy-to-do processes:

1. Properly clean your car-in, out, windows included. In case you don’t know, cleaning can make you meticulous and take notice of some car components that you may have overlooked before. While you’re in the process of cleaning, you might discover some tire holes or a busted bulb in your headlight.

2. Do not forget to check the fluid levels, the safety belts, and the engine’s hoses. Fortunately, this is very simple to do. All you need is to take a peek beneath the hood.

3. Monitor the tire pressures according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Every car purchase comes with an owner’s manual, which basically contains all the information you need to know about your car, including proper car tire pressure.

4. You need to have a clear vision of the road you’re traveling. Thus, you have to constantly check that your wiper blades are functioning properly. Else, you need to replace them immediately.

5. Always maintain your own periodic car maintenance and stick to it. You can ask help from any auto technician as to the most appropriate time to change tires or oil or when to replace certain car components.

Proper car tuning shouldn’t be viewed as another tedious task. Rather, take it as your own way of assuring your safety and well-being, especially before a road trip.

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