Circuits and Tracks – A Look on Formula One Race Circuits

Early European Grand Prix racing gave birth to Formula One racing. European Grand Prix racing has always been held on public streets but in its evolved form, Formula One racing is now being held on specifically designed circuits to meet the high-performance demand of the said race.

Traditional venue locations are always kept on schedule although the number of Grand Prix races held yearly varies. Moreover, new circuits were being built and added to these schedules to target the new international markets for Formula One racing.

Formula 1 Night Race

In the beginning, Formula One racing were mostly held in Europe. As years passed, new circuits have been added from all over the world due to the increasing popularity of the said event. By 1953, the first South American Formula One Grand Prix was held. Soon enough, the African World Championship race was added in 1958. Thus, a series of worlwide race circuits came to be. This year, only 8 out of 17 races would be held in Europe and at present, Formula One Racing is being held in the following areas: Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

When it comes to current Formula One racing circuits, Hermann Tilke is considered to be the pioneer of its newer designs. Although critics have argued that current race circuits have lost the challenging and demanding character, which have previously made them popular, the newer circuits now boasts of higher safety standards and additional means of accommodating a continuously increasing number of Grand Prix audiences.

Out of all the Grand Prix circuits, the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo is considered to be the most popular. There have been very little changes in the Monte Carlo circuit ever since it has been home to the World Championship Formula One racing in 1955. The addition of a new pit complex in 2004 is the most major change encountered by the circuit by far and this was done to cater to the increasing number of its spectators.

Aside from that, the Monaco Grand Prix is also the most prestigious competition for racecar drivers. The difficulty and danger of its circuit poses a big challenge for each of its Grand Prix participants. Thus, winning the said event results to a racer being named as one of the best there ever was in the world of racecar driving.

Another well-known race circuit is The Brickyard. The name was coined for the Formula One racing being held at the Indianapolis International Speedway in the United States. The Indy 500 was considered as a World Championship round in Formula One racing from 1950 to 1960. Although the Indy 500 no longer became a part of the championship series after 1960, Formula One racers still continued to participate in the said event. However, it was only in the year 2000 that Indianapolis again became a circuit host for a Formula One World Championship after a new infield racing course have been built. The Indianapolis International Speedway greatly contributed to the growing market base of Formula One enthusiasts in the United States.

Over the years, Formula One racing has proven its success not only in expanding its circuits into higher and newer innovations but also in increasing its marketability across the different nations of different spectators.

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