Choosing Sub Boxes For Your Car Audio System

Talk about hype. When subwoofers first emerge in the industry as the next generation speaker built to generate frequencies at a low bass level, the publicity budget must have been in the gazillions. You could not pick up a car magazine or newspaper that talks about car accessories without seeing something about this car audio system revolution of epic proportions. If you thought that boom boxes were hot stuffs, you had not seen anything yet.

The subwoofers looked pretty cool, even though they are not considered as separate device. One of the greatest functions of subwoofers is to strengthen the “higher pitched sound” generated from the speakers.

In setting up a car audio system, you need subwoofers to create very low bass frequencies. However, as mentioned, they are not stand-alone device. This is because subwoofers need boxes to expand their capacity to generate rumbling sound. Subwoofer boxes, or more commonly known as sub boxes, are used to provide support or housing for subwoofers so that they can be installed easily.

Experts say that the quality of sound coming from subwoofers is not generally dependent on the brand of subwoofers. Most often than not, subwoofer sound quality is related to the size and type of their boxes. This means that every type and size of sub boxes produce various volume level and sound effects. The point here is that whatever the quality of the subwoofer when installed or mounted in a poorly manufactured boxes, you can definitely expect undesirable results.

Then again, you can buy those cheap but not so advanced subwoofers and you can get good quality sounds, more than what was expected. Hence, the focus of the subwoofer’s sound quality is mainly on the kind and type of boxes that you get. So it is imperative that you learn how to build the right kind and size sub boxes to ensure quality sounds.

It is best that the sub boxes are made up of strong materials. You can then be assured that your subwoofer is protected and secured in the area.  In building sub boxes, you need to consider different factors that can impact on your subwoofer’s overall performance. Here are the things that should be in your checklist:

  • Stiffness or firmness

If you are planning to use sub boxes for your subwoofer, it is important that you check on your overall goal — that is, to come up with a fully functional sub box that is firm and inflexible. This will ensure the subwoofer’s safety and protection against scratches or extreme exposure to heat and dust particles.

  • Identify the deepness of the box

In measuring your subwoofer for box installation, it is important that you measure the depth accurately. However, since most boxes are made up of wood, which are prone to expansion during hot weather, it is important to place additional 2 or 3 inches extra. This will give enough additional area for the subwoofers.
· Size of the box

Before installation, it is important that you measure the overall size of the box as well. In this way, you can be sure that extra spaces are available.
· Space of the vehicle

Mounting sub boxes are definitely dependent on the size of their boxes. Before buying subwoofers, you need to consider the overall size of the car, especially the area where you will mount the sub boxes. The size will determine the shape and size of the sub box.

  • Create a draft or layout of your plan

Always have a layout ready. You will never know what shape or style will fit in until you have a visual representation of the project you have in mind — and drafts will always give you this benefit.

Keep in mind that building and installing sub boxes is not a one-shot perfect process. Experts say it has always been a trial and error thing. Hence, do not expect to come up with something so perfect immediately. You can never be too sure that what you have created will automatically bring out the quality of sound you have been expecting. Simple changes, such as the type of sub box, the dimensions, tuning and displacement frequency of a port, or even the slightest change in the placement of the sub box can make a huge difference in the result.

  • Rely on your own experience

Most people try to copy the styles of other people who had successfully installed effective sub boxes on their car’s audio system. At some point, this may work. But generally, it is not advisable that you rely on other people’s experiences. What worked for them may not work for you. Hence, it is best that you rely on your own. Besides, sub boxes are always custom built. This means that the size, style, and other factors that will impact on the kind of results you want to achieve are dependent on your taste and style — not to mention your car and the car’s audio system as well.

  • Efficiency of installation

Always remember that a properly installed sub box will generate the best results. Improper installation may only cause your sub box to vibrate, thereby producing unwanted sounds. Moreover, more energy will be wasted because of the rattling motion inefficiently installed sub box can have. If this were the case, your car or your capacitors would waste off energy without generating good results.

Sub boxes should always be securely installed. You will never know what can hit you if you have a swinging sub box by the time you have hit a small accident.

All of these things all boil down to the fact that the quality of sound that you want to achieve largely depends not only on the kind of subwoofer you have, but more importantly, on the kind of sub boxes you will you use and how efficiently you can install them. When important things are considered, that is the only time you can be sure of a relaxing subwoofer sound quality — without a possible accident.

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