Cheerleader Car Wash

I don’t know about you, but every time I see a fundraiser for cheerleader car wash, I just can’t resist. Car wash girls are my absolute favorite and while they almost always all look great, they also provide a valuable service that my car needs from time to time and that is a good and thorough cleaning.

Cheerleader car washes usually are well worth the $5 or $10 you have to shell out for a good cleaning and while these car wash girls will look great in their skimpy outfits, make sure they earn every buck. Many guys get suckered into giving up all their hard cash just because of an innocent smile passed your way. Whether at the strip club or at a cheerleader car wash hold on tightly to your cash or it will all disappear.

For those that live in a college town or even small town with a local high school, it is extremely easy to find a cheerleader car wash usually early in the year or at the end of the year in June. These car wash girls depend on your charity to help them save up for special events and equipment. If you see a cheerleader car wash in progress the only right thing to do is patronize it. These car wash girls need your support.

One last thing, it is extremely important to know how to tip at a cheerleader car wash. Car wash girls will work extremely hard for a tip. While most girls expect a tip of a dollar or two, by flashing around a $5 or $10 bill will just about put any car wash girl in a frenzy.

If you want to get the most out of your cheerleader car wash experience, let the car wash girls first scrub and clean your car real good, then offer them the customary tip of $1, or $2 and then with a smile ask them if they can give your car a real good buffin if you pay a little extra. Make sure they buff the hood, this way you have a great vantage point of how well the work is being performed instead of having to look in your rear or side view mirrors. When the job is complete and you are satisfied with the hard work that the car wash girl performed this is your time to pay for all services rendered and to give the car wash girl a nice, big, fat tip.

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