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Car insurance is mandatory for the vast majority of states in America. While car insurance is necessary to protect the driver as well as other parties against monetary losses, in many areas around the country, purchasing car insurance can be very expensive. For many individuals, having car insurance that includes liability, collision and comprehensive insurance which is required by most states for any vehicle that is financed can cost the insurer thousands of dollars per year. In many families, there can be two to four cars or more, costing a family thousands upon thousands of dollars for coverage. For those looking to save money, there is an option- cheap car insurance.

There are several different ways you can find and purchase cheap car insurance, the key however is to put in the time and do research on how to save money on your car insurance payments- here are some tips.

What Kind of Coverage Do You Need?

Obviously, less coverage costs less. While you will need the mandatory amount of coverage for your state, if you don’t finance your car, you can save money buy purchasing only the minimum amount of coverage. The minimum amount usually means only purchasing liability. Other coverage such as collision, comprehensive, under-insured, etc can be passed up, possibly saving your yearly car insurance bill thousands of dollars.

Choose a Higher Deductible

A deductible is an amount of coverage that is not covered by your insurance company. Deductibles can range from $100 to $500 or more. If you finance your car and have collision coverage, you can save money by having the highest deductible possible. For instance, with $100 deductible, any damage over $100 is paid by the insurance company. With a $500, you need to have damages over $500 to get reimbursed. The higher the deductible the less the coverage cost.

Have a Good Driving Record

There are many factors that can have an affect on the cost of insurance. For cheap car insurance, the better your driving record, usually the lower the cost of your insurance. Obviously, try to avoid accidents, getting citations for speeding and other motor vehicle offenses- this will help you save in the long run.

Research Car Insurance Companies Online

You can save a lot just by doing research. There are plenty of cheap car insurance companies available. You should definitely contact several and request a quote. For many people that take the time to do some research on the lowest cost insurance companies, a savings of hundreds to thousands of dollars is not out of the ordinary.

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