Carver cars have to be one of the most unique on the market to date; being that is has just three wheels and is a rather new design on an old structure.  They have been in business since 1994 and have one model out today called the Carver One, along with servicing many countries.  They are a Dutch manufacturer and pride themselves on the most cutting edge technologies in manufacturing and design (although they are not made in the Netherlands).  The basic layout is that of a normal car inside, however it handles more like a motorcycle than a care – but without the instability associated with the motorcycle.  One of the more fascinating aspects about the vehicle is that it can – when taking a corner – tilt to more than 40 degrees (45 officially) which gives it a much better turn radius at higher speeds.  The engine used on the prototypes and the single production model called the Carver One has 65 horses; however it can be bumped up to 85 with an upgrade.  The top speed for the vehicle is around 115 miles per hour, and it has an automatic balancing system to keep it stable in all conditions.


Currently they are being built by Prodrive which is based out of England and has a factory in many locations – the one in Germany is the place where the Carver One is manufactured.  Prodrive in itself has a good record of building cars and parts for other companies, like Subaru and of course the Carver cars.  Carver says that they test every part of the vehicle that Prodrive manufactures – over twelve hundred – to insure everything is tested and scrutinized for being properly made, and each component is manufactured carefully to be sure that the vehicles have minimal issues as they age.

 Carver Venture One

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