Car Sleep Alert

How many road-accidents have been caused by drivers who fall asleep while stepping on the gas?

How many cautious drivers and pedestrians alike get involved in accidents because they have been run over by a sleeping driver?

How many drivers are aware that they are sleepy, seconds before they have actually closed their eyes?

Car Drive Sleep Alert

How many seconds does a driver have to close his eyes in sleep before catastrophe happens?

When you are on the road, every second counts. Disaster could happen in a split-second blink of an eye. That is when a sleep alert comes in handy. The sleep alert is a cool but very functional gadget that you fit onto your ear. It is designed to determine your level of drowsiness by the angle that your head is tilted. When you reach that pre-programmed head-tilt angle, sleep alert beeps an alarm to bring your attention back on the road and away from dreamland.

Indeed, sleep alert is as important and indispensable as the seatbelt itself especially for those going in for a long drive at night.

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