Car Seat Heater Kit

Are you tired of your car heater that takes time to heat up? Have you ever gotten tired of all those repairs and maintenance? Well, here’s the perfect solution to your problems! Have a look at the future of car heating! Instead of having the car heater on the car, we put it on you very seat! You don’t have to wait for it to heat up, just turn it on and feel that warmth and comfort you’ve always dreamed about!

This seat heater kit has three temperatures: High, Medium and Low. It comes with a digital controller for a more manageable and constant warmth with an illuminated membrane switch. It makes the job easier for you with its Add-a-Circuit mini-fuse adapter and controller mount. It has its individual lighted switches to make sure that all seats are warm.

This seat heater’s elements are as thin as paper so it can be installed between the seat cover and the seat cushion. They are not waterproof, but they are water-resistant. So you don’t have to worry about wet pets, spilled drinks or those damp winter cloths.

And it doesn’t affect your car’s interior design, since it is not visible. The heating elements are fastened to the base foam of the seat, where it becomes out of sight. So you only need to remove the seat covers, fasten the heating elements and put the covers back on. It’s as easy as 1-2-3! Each one of these seat heaters is wired into the car’s electrical system and provided with separate lighted switches for more personalized options.

The heating elements have been tried and proven safe &sturdy enough to use for many years. These heating elements include a thin peel-and-stick part which fits under the seat without detection. This means you don’t need to mess with any screw or special glues. Just peel it off and stick it! The other elements, such as hardware, fuse and wiring harnesses, are fastened out of sight.

These comfortable and practical seat heaters are now available for most vehicles. Plus, it can be easily installed by your local auto upholsterer or your dealer. You can even watch while they do it, since it only takes a few minutes to install!

Why not save yourself from those expensive replacements? Try this new innovation in car technology now and feel the comfort & warmth it has to offer!

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