Car Audio System

Everyone has heard of the term car audio system, and many wonder what exactly it means. Car Audio System refers to all the components that make up the sound system of a car: head unit, speakers, subwoofers and an amplifier.

A head unit is the cd player/tape player which all of you would be familiar with. More recently, head units have started to play dvd’s and come with small lcd screens.

Speakers are what produces the music. They operate just like tv speakers and computer speakers.

Subwoofers are what creates the bass sound, and are often placed in the boot of the car due to their size.

Amplifiers are what takes the music and pumps it through the speakers, and are used in high powered sound systems.

A basic car audio system contains a head unit and speakers, this is what is found in most stock cars. A more advanced car audio system comprises of a head unit, speakers, a subwoofer and an amplifier. A full car audio system would have a head unit, speakers, tweeters, an amplifier and possibly multiple subwoofers.

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