Car Audio

What makes a good car great is its audio. Like everything, there are cheap setups and there are expensive setups. For about $300, you can set yourself up with a quality yet affordable car audio system.

Subwoofers are what produce the bass effect. A good 10 inch subwoofer costs around $100 in a box, which is more than enough for most people’s needs. Next to buy are some speakers. Generally called “6 by 9”, 6 inch by 9 inch speakers are loud enough to satisfy and cheap enough to be loved by your wallet. A head unit which plays cd’s and mp3’s will cost about $50. To make it all work, an amplifier with the right amount of wattage should be used.

Now you have all the parts, there are two options: Do It Yourself installation or installation from a car audio dealer. The first option requires the purchase of a wiring kit, and a couple of hours free time to fiddle around. Everything should come with instructions, so it’s a matter of following them. If you are not game enough to try it yourself, consider paying a professional.

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