Car / Air Horns

You know what a car horn is for when you suddenly need to step on the brakes and grab somebody’s attention loudly.┬áCar horns are supposed to shatter even the most complacent person to act in a manner that will help avoid accidents or save lives.

Car Air Horns

There are different types of car horns available but most can be self installed with the instructions provided. Some car horns could just be pretty repetitive tones; others can be musical short pieces. Some can be pretty outlandish and can be designed to inflict humor while driving. At one time or another everyone has heard the tune of “La Cucuracha” blaring as a car horn.┬áMost car horns come in either steady patterns or have hi-low patterns.

In general, most car owners really spend just to get a whopper of a car horn that commands attention and respect on the road.

So the next time you blow your horn be smooth, you are in control and the attention.

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