BMW Z4 Coupe (2)

BMW Z4 Coupe is a sleek looking roadster from BMW that defines style and car fashion in an innovative manner. The interiors include a sports steering wheel that has a leather covering. The leather covering and sporty structure of the wheel provides a firm grip. It also has multifunction settings that allow you to remotely function and control various features of the car like radio and car phone. The seats have been specially designed in a sporty structure that easily blends with the overall sporty and smart look of the car. The best part is that all the features of these sports seats, that is, the seat height, backrest angle and thigh support can be adjusted individually for complete comfort. But the car is not just about style. It also has a powerful 6-cylinder engine that will take you from 0 to 100 km/h in a matter of only 5.7 seconds. In fact, the car is a perfect blend of uncompromised power and enviable style.

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