BMW Tuning

It’s no secret that some of the best vehicles on the road around the world are European sport-luxury vehicles- specifically BMW’s. For those that consider themselves BMW enthusiasts, one way to ensure you maximize speed and performance is with BMW tuning.

BMW Tuning Solutions for All Types of Enthusiasts

It should be noted that tuning auto BMW doesn’t have to be extremely costly or technical. In fact, there are many solutions available that the average auto enthusiast can start tuning BMW. In addition, if you consider yourself very technical or a pro, you can completely modify or even overhaul your BMW to achieve optimum performance.

BMW Tuning


BMW Chip Tuning

If you would like to get the most speed out of your BMW then tuning your BMW engine is perhaps the most appropriate way to go about it. Tuning auto BMW can be as easy as swapping an ECU chip (Electronic Control Unit) or adding a super charger to your existing engine. For those looking for a cost effective, but extremely easy way to increase performance, tuning BMW engine’s via an ECU chip is perhaps your best bet. Your BMW vehicle comes equipped with an ECU chip that has factory settings loaded already onto it. Settings such air to fuel ratio, RPM limitations, etc can improve gas mileage, but also usually limits performance. Tuning BMW engines with a new ECU chip can easily reset engine parameters giving your BMW vehicle a gain in horsepower and overall performance (usually at the loss of fuel efficiency and sometimes emission standards).

BMW Chip Tuning

Tuning BMW: Components

While maximum performance can usually be accomplished by tuning auto BMW engines, other ways to increase performance including horsepower is via components. Components such as mufflers, filters and transmission adjustments can increase overall vehicle performance. Components are available for BMW M3 Tuning, BMW M5 Tuning, BMW M6 Tuning, BMW X5 Tuning, BMW E46 Tuning, BMW E30 Tuning, BMW E36 Tuning and BMW 3 Tuning.

Tuning BMW: Wheels and Tires

One of the ways to improve your driving performance and safety is to tune your wheels and tires. Your tires are the only part of your vehicle that comes in contact with the road. For the highest driving performance, you must make sure that these few square inches of rubber make exceptional contact with the road. By installing high quality, thicker, high speed rated tires; you can easily improve performance and safety at the same time.

Wheels are also extremely important. For BMW enthusiasts that install light weight rims (wheels) on your vehicle, you can not only achieve lightening the load of your vehicle, but also add great styling. It should be noted that one of the best ways to customize your vehicle is simply with new rims. New rims instantly increase your car’s attractiveness and uniqueness.

BMW Tuning - Wheels

Tuning BMW: Body Kits and Modifications

One of the most important things to consider when tuning BMW’s is aerodynamics. Aerodynamics not only can decrease the resistance to air- helping your vehicle increase in speed, but also save fuel and increase performance. In fact, a good body kit including a spoiler, hoods, side skirts, etc can help keep your vehicle on the road, especially at high speeds.

BMW Body Kits

Tuning BMW: Suspension Modifications

Another important area for any BMW tuning enthusiast to consider is to modify the stock suspension. Suspension plays a big role in the performance of your vehicle. If you drive at fast speeds or want impeccable control of your vehicle one way to ensure top performance is with struts, shocks, damper kits, special bars, etc. Suspension modifications will assist drivers in steering and control- even at high speeds.

BMW Suspension Kits

Tuning BMW: Supercharger Kits

To achieve ultimate performance, one item that every BMW tuning enthusiast should install is a supercharger. Installing a supercharger is not a project for a novice; in fact, it usually entails a lot of work and know-how. However, for those that are looking to add 100 to over 400 horsepower to their BMW, this is usually the best method.

Superchargers are gas compressors. They force lots of air and ultimately more oxygen into the combustion chamber of your BMW engine. While extremely effective at adding performance including speed and horsepower, they lower fuel economy and can affect emissions output.

BMW Supercharger Kits

For those that are interested in BMW tuning, our site offers comprehensive info on all facets of getting the most out of your BMW vehicle.

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