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From it’s creation in 1964 with the merging of Auto Union and the NSU Motorenwerke by Volkswagen, the Audi name has become synonymous with quality automobiles capable of winning some of the toughest rallies, the most prestigious touring car races, and even Grand Prix events like the Le Mans 24 hours.

The philosophy behind Audi cars lies in the tagline “Vorsprung durch Technik” translated into English as “Innovation through technology”, something most proud Audi owners would probably agree with. An Audi isn’t just a regular car, it’s a statement, and proves the credentials of the driver without having to state them.

Audi tuning is a major growth industry with a number of specialist workshops creating custom body kits and performance upgrades for all modern versions of Audi, from the A series to Quattro, S and RS series, all the way to the ultimate Audi, the R8.

Orange Audi R8 Supercharged

The 1960s and 1970s was a time for Audi to redevelop it’s brand with the Audi 100 and Audi 80, two very popular cars that sold well throughout Audi’s markets, both becoming favorite cars for tuning and performance upgrades amongst young drivers, especially after spectacular success of the Audi Quattro in the early 1980s.

A number of engine modifications such as new air inlets, re-engineered cams, and exhaust systems started a trend with Audi vehicles that has never stopped, tuning specialists being in great demand. The best workshops are manufacturers themselves and certainly have the trust of their loyal customers.

Audi’s turbo diesel engines have been particularly well received by tuning workshops for the extra power output that can be obtained by rechipping, or remapping the ECU for power instead of longevity of life, although experts seem to agree the remapping doesn’t badly affect life of the turbo.

Performance parts such as carbon fiber air filter housings and silicone hoses that are insulated against engine heat are a popular tuning replacement in Audi performance cars, giving cooler air where it’s needed, rather than back at the filter, and with less friction in a bigger hose, more air gets to the engine.

Audi Q7 Tuning

No Audi would be complete without a new back cat exhaust system and chrome tailpipes, the difference in power output is astounding on some models with extra horsepower just there for the taking. The Factory standard exhaust was never designed with performance in mind, mostly they’re designed to satisfy legal requirements for quiet running. Even on the mid-engined R8, a custom exhaust can increase power at the wheels by an extra 20bhp.

Forgetting engine and running gear, tuning an Audi doesn’t need to start and stop with performance, not considering the range of options for body kits, spoilers, lights, and that’s just the outside. Interior trim adjustments such sport seats, smaller steering wheels, race pedals, or quick change gear shifters.

All in all, the Audi is a great automobile, made better with expert tuning to bring out the best in the design. Considering the price of an Audi with performance enhancements compared with more expensive fast cars, owners get a great bargain, and the four rings logo on the front grill is a sign the owner knows a well engineered car.

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