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Originally released in 1995, the Audi A4 shares the same platform as other Volkswagens and Audis, with a longitudinally mounted engine, and powerful looking front end featuring a wide grill and winged front lights reminiscent of a larger muscle car.

All up the Audi A4 is a performance car disguised as an executive saloon or wagon, but given the right body kit and tuning quickly shows it’s pedigree as a true enthusiast and drivers car.

Converting a stock Audi A4 into the look of a lean and mean muscle car can be accomplished by replacing the front bumper for a bigger bumper with a short flair and slightly square brake air inlets, side kits with the corresponding flair for under the doors, and a new rear bumper to hide the exhaust except for new silver tailpipes.

Audi A4 Tuning - Rieger

Adding custom alloys and low profile tires then lowering the A4 to just a couple of inches between the tires and wheel arches completes the picture, now you’re ready to think about custom engine tuning.

Lowering the Audi A4 with shorter coil springs is the kind of tuning job that improves cornering and is very affordable, a couple of hundred dollars or more will buy a kit with four coil springs ready to fit.

Tuning for maximum performance is probably going to involve getting your hands dirty under the hood because from the factory the Audi A4 was never intended to be a performance car, rather a comfortable and safe executive automobile.

Spark plugs on the Audi A4 are designed for long life, great for company leased cars, not so great for drivers who want more performance. Toss out those factory supplied plugs and replace them with a new set of copper plugs which conduct heat better and produce a nicer power curve. Make sure the gap is set to 0.032.

Part of your regular maintenance checks should be looking for leaks around the cam, the Audi A4 is known for this and it’s an expensive repair, far better to have the seals replaced early, especially if you plan to increase performance as the main goal of tuning your auto.

Adjusting the sensitivity of the diverter valve may be enough to give sustained boost without loss of pressure, or better yet, replace the entire valve for a custom setup sold by pro tuning workshops.

Chipping, or remapping as it is more commonly known these days since in many cases the chip doesn’t even need to be removed, just upload new software to the ECU and admire the improvements in acceleration, sustained boost, and overall highway driving.

Any competent workshop with a rolling road and software for the Audi A4 will be able to remap your ECU but be aware that some may void the warranty on your auto, leading to costly tuning repairs in the future.

Tuning the Audi A4 for performance is easily done at mostly affordable rate compared to the alternative of buying a more expensive model with all the factory mods already done, and is more satisfying, you get to choose the mods you want.

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