7 Tips for saving time and money with your car

Driving a car is expensive these days. Whether you’re driving a regular commute to work or thinking about a driving vacation or holiday, the combined price of fuel and vehicle maintenance can be serious financial concerns to any budget.

The price of fuel is skyrocketing and it doesn’t look like there are any conditions that will send prices the other direction any time soon. With that in mind any tips, tricks, hints, or recommendations that can save money or time when dealing with our automobiles are welcome.

  • When allowable, use cruise control – Using the cruise control feature on your car can save you money on fuel. Even the slightest of fluctuation in foot pressure can cause the engine of your car to rev up and down which causes more fuel to be used than is truly necessary.
  • Stay on top of needed tune-ups and oil changes – The benefits of staying up to date on automobile maintenance is two fold. A vehicle running in top mechanical shape uses less fuel and also will last longer, meaning you won’t have to suffer the expense of vehicle replacement until it is truly time.
  • Clean your vehicle regularly – Leaving excess dirt, mud, or bug residue on your car for too long can cause damage to paint and other finishes. Repairing unnecessary damage to your vehicle is an unneeded drain on your finances.
  • Examine the tread on all of your tires – If the tires of your car show unusual treadwear, especially along the edges, this could be a sign of an alignment problem. Correcting an alignment issue on your car is much cheaper than replacing some or all of your tires.
  • Use caution when parking near curbs and obstructions – If you hit curbs or other obstructions when parking your vehicle, you can be putting extra wear and tear on your suspension and could negatively affect your alignment. Even minor impacts can add up to major trouble over time.
  • Unless your car requires premium fuel, use regular instead – The cost of regular fuel is usually much cheaper than the cost of premium fuel. Most standard passenger automobiles and even light duty trucks and SUVs were designed and built to use regular fuel.
  • Maintain proper tire inflation – Improperly inflated tires can cause your gas mileage to go down. The less air in your tire and the more friction there is between the tire surface and the road surface. This not only lowers your fuel efficiency but can also lead to tire blowouts or the need for premature tire replacement.

Following these simple tips can truly save you both money and time in terms of your vehicle’s operation. With the cost of vehicle operation these days, using anything to get an edge on rising prices will pay off in the long run.

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