4 Post Car Lift Kits

Possibly the most popular type of car lift, 4 post car lift kits can be extremely practical and have a wide range of uses.  4 post car lifts have 4 structural beams that can easily lift a vehicle a variety of heights to store a vehicle for short or long periods of time, to allow maintenance to be performed on a vehicle or even to showcase a vehicle in a residential or commercial environment.

4 Post Car Lift Kits

A 4 post car lift is designed with 4 posts on the corners in a rectangular manner and two ramps that a vehicle (usually car or light truck) drive up on the sides.  A 4 post car lift generally uses electric and hydraulic methods to lift the vehicle safely and securely.  In most 4 post car lift configurations, a physical space that was only able to store one vehicle can now hold two vehicles; one vehicle lifted on a 4 post car lift and the second vehicle driven beneath the lifted vehicle; assuring that there is enough width and height clearance.

A 4 post car lift kit is also a great way to work on a vehicle, whether you are a professional mechanic or amateur mechanic that requires regular lifting of your vehicles to work on them from underneath.  Some 4 post car lifts are made expressively for showroom uses, for instance, to showcase an antique vehicle at a car show or to enjoy your prized vehicle in your garage or home.  These lifts are just as sturdy, but are designed for maximum aesthetic beauty.

4 Post Car Lift Kits 2

4 post car lifts are very easy to operate and usually only have one canister and a set of hydraulic tubes and hoses that connect to each of the posts to lift the vehicle up and down in less than one minute.  4 post car lifts are created from high quality steel and are engineered for maximum safety and reliability.  They are usually very easy to set up with most kits taking a day or less.  Generally speaking 4 post car lifts can weight over 2,000 pounds and start off with a maximum weight capacity of about 7,000 lbs.  However, heavy duty versions can easily handle more than 15,000 lbs of weight capacity.   Expect to pay about $1,200 to $3000 for a new 4 post car lift- more for higher weight capacities.

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