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Prior Design Gallardo Reventon

Prior Design Gallardo Reventon

The title of this post might seem wrong at first, but when you see the picture you realize what’s it all about! Prior Design has turned the a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 into a Reventon by designing a massive kit for it. The back is also inspired by a touch of Aventador. So you get new […]

Prior Design Mercedes E Coupe

Prior’s next kit benefits the owners of the Mercedes E Class Coupe by providing them with a touch of AMG styling. The Coupe gets E63 front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and four tailpipes, as well as carbon fiber roof and tail spoilers. Those who are not aware can easily mistake it […]

Bentley GTC By Prior Design

While we’re waiting for the all-new Bentley Continental GT to arrive, Prior Design has come up with e kit for the old GTC convertible to cheer up those who’s just bought it. This kit classifies as an extreme makeover since its comes with new bumpers, lots of new fins and grilles, and revamped interior. The […]

Prior Design BMW 3 Series

Most of the tuned BMWs, to be honest, are way too flash and overdone and therefore uncool, but this one by¬† Prior Design is fine. You know why? becasue they made it look like the standard M3! Yep, it’s a conversion kit for the BMW 3 Series coupe that give it the looks of M3 […]

Wide-body Mercedes SL by Prior-Design

What you see here is an old gen Mercedes SL type R230 which has been converted into a wide body version of the new 2010 Mercedes SL65 AMG. It’s done with Prior Design’s new PD series conversion kit, which is a nicely composed package to turn the old SLs into the new one, or just […]

Prior Design does the old Mercedes E-Class

Although the Mercedes E-class type W212 is retired now, but German tuner Prior Design thought it’s a good idea to cheer up its owners by giving them a new body kit! So thank to them you can turn your old E-class into an AMG lookalike. At front, there’s a new bumper with huge air grilles […]

Prior-Design Body kit For Ford Mustang

German tuner Prior Design has come up with a new Euro-style body kit for Ford Mustang, which gives the car a sportier look, but doesn’t really fit the car! It comes with a new front bumper with big air intakes, side skirts, big rear diffuser and new tailpipes. They’re all good for a European box, […]

Porsche 911 GT3 by Prior Design

German tuner Prior Design has a new aerodynamic body kit for the Porsche 911 GT3 which is designed and engineered to make the car more aero efficient and also more handsome. It’s nothing big and ostentatious, you get a discrete kit made of high-end material that actually works,and that’s the reason it’s cool. There’s a […]