Pagani is a relatively new company and was created by the former head of the composite department at Lamborghini, Horacio Pagani. In the late 80’s Pagani had taken up designing cars that he’d like to see, and began calling it and the work he produced from it the C8 project.

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Because of the high demand for his skills as a car designer and as an excellent engineer he created his own design company called Modena Design so that he could provide these services to anyone looking for a prototype or a well designed vehicle, and later he began producing his very own prototype cars called the Fangio F1 – which was in honor of Huan Manuel Fangio, a very popular driver in races who was born in 1911. The Pagani cars were met with increasing demand, and in 1994 Mercedes-Benz agreed to supply him with V12 engines. The last car in its line was given the name Zomda C12 as Fangio had passed away (the name was dropped because of respect for Fangio). Three years ago Pagani released news that he and it planned to triple output within three years and enter the US market this year.

Recently a new model named the C9 is being worked on and will be released in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, and it will be a completely fresh new design, not based on the previous Fangio/Zonda. It will also be a part of the Mercedes Benz agreement with a next generation V12 engine and also what are called Active Aerodynamics. Currently the car in production is the Zonda R Clubsport which was shown for the first time at the Geneva M. Show this year, and it is still using the 6 liter V12 that is manufactured by Mercedes Benz, and it is expected to cost 1.2 million dollars because it is the final production run of the entire Zonda series.

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