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Auto Sound Systems - Bigger is not always better

Auto Sound Systems – Bigger is not always better

When it comes to auto sound a system, one question seems to be repeated often-is bigger better? The honest answer for that is not by a long shot. There are the excellent quality sound systems that will not require the backseat and your first-born to enjoy wonderful quality of sound and music as you drive […]

Where to find cheap car parts?

Where to find cheap car parts?

People need car parts everyday for several reasons. It could be because of the fact that they need to rebuild a whole car, or only need a single part that has recently broken or no longer works. In addition, some low level racing teams in various forms of motor racing may need cheap car parts […]

New Automotive Technology

As the cost of new technology goes down, new cars are increasingly highlighting new technology as a major buying feature. This may be nothing new for the premium car segment, but this means that more of this new technology is becoming standard in mid-range and more affordable cars. Let’s take a look at some of […]

Car Roof Racks

Car Roof Racks

Nowadays it’s normal to see a car that has a roof rack on top. Gone are the days when you can only put all your travel belongings on the trunk of the car. Looking at this kind of set up, the inspiration may have originated in the times of the rajahs when elephants had similar […]

Car Seat Heater Kit

Are you tired of your car heater that takes time to heat up? Have you ever gotten tired of all those repairs and maintenance? Well, here’s the perfect solution to your problems! Have a look at the future of car heating! Instead of having the car heater on the car, we put it on you […]

What is a heater core?

A heater core works in cooperation with the engine’s cooling system. Now, the cooling system is in charge of removing the heat from the engine. It sends this anti-freeze to the radiator when it will be cooled again be the rushing outside air.  When it is cooled, it is sent to the engine. The heater […]

Is your car heater blowing out cold air?

Before you can determine the problem, you must first know how your car heater works. Remember that the part that transfers heat into the passenger compartment is the heater core. This can be thought of as a mini radiator. The coolant flows through the heater core while the fan, also known as the blower, blows […]

How to Maintain Your Car Heater

Are you going to perform some maintenance on your car heater? Are you trying to repair your car heater? First of all you need to check if your car heater is still working… Winter is a busy time for car owners. There are a lot of things to change and check before you can ride […]

Tips on Buying a Portable Car Heater

Having a portable car heater is very useful, especially if your vehicle takes some time to warm up. If you still don’t have one and you plan to buy one any time now, there are some things you should know. Some of these include power cord, adjustability, and safety. You can always use some help […]

How To Repair Your Car Heater

Car heaters are really important, especially during those cold winters. If you have encountered some problems with your car’s temperature, it is advised that you check your car heater and radiator. Your car heater works almost like your car radiator. The coolant originating from your engine goes through the heater core, and then the air […]