Increase Horsepower with a Supercharger

One of the best ways for a car tuning enthusiast to easily add substantial horsepower to their vehicle is with a supercharger.  While superchargers aren’t cheap or easy to install, for those that want the great performance lots of horsepower and extremely quick acceleration a supercharger is definitely worth looking into.

Are Superchargers Bad for Your Engine?
The short answer to this question is yes.  Generally speaking, putting in a supercharger in your vehicle will take some years and mileage off the engine, but for those enthusiasts that baby their cars and don’t mind putting money into it in a few years, a supercharger can be a great investment.  However, for those that need their car badly to use for work and don’t have a lot of savings, it is better to forgo the supercharger.

There are plenty of manufacturers that sell superchargers and some of the most popular ones that offer decent products include: Procharger, Stillen and Squires.  There are also a couple of types of superchargers to choose from.  They include positive displacement superchargers and Rotrex superchargers.  Generally speaking, Rotrex chargers build up force more evenly and are a little less harsh on your vehicle’s engine.

Also check out the warranty’s that come with the superchargers.  Try to pick a supercharger that gives you some reliability.

Once you decide on the charger you want, definitely look to have your supercharger installed professionally.  Unless you have some very technical proficient buddies that can install it for you, you are doing yourself a big disservice trying to install it yourself.  Since many places charge different prices, see which one offers the best service and best value.  While a supercharger can be a big expense, it is definitely worth the thrill of the extra horsepower under your foot.

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