Importance of Van Insurance

In the UK, approximately 300,000 new vans are sold every year. The forecast is that the trend for van purchases will continue to rise. This is due to the growing demand for vans as more and more businesses utilize vans in their daily commercial activities. Moreover, even self-employed individuals know the value of their vans in attending to their tasks and appointments.

Vehicle insurance is required by law. Whatever type of vehicle it may be, driving without any insurance is punishable by law. Owners and/or drivers will be penalized–they may be fined, banned, or even be disqualified from driving their vehicles. Worst, their vans could be subject to crushing. There is also a huge possibility for the driver to face criminal charges leading to conviction especially if their vehicle was figured out in an accident that caused injuries to other people and damage to properties.

Nowadays, van insurance becomes a concern for many owners. This is not only because vehicle insurance is required by law. Vehicle owners’ fear is no longer limited to their vehicles figuring out in a car accident. In fact, statistics show that insurance claims due to van accidents are quite low. Since many van owners are businesses and self-employed individuals, they or their drivers are very cautious when driving. This, of course, is their way of preventing any car accidents that could interrupt and negatively affect their jobs and businesses. For many van owners, they believe that their vehicles have a significant effect to their business’ operations. In the UK, for example, studies show that about 59% of the respondents agreed that if they would lose their vans, it would have a serious impact on their businesses. Moreover, 25% of the respondents also believed that losing their vehicle would be tantamount to losing money.

What most car owner fear is their vans’ security. Since the trend for car theft is going down, experts believe that, in the future, vans will become an attractive target for criminals and car thieves. Aside from knowing that the demand for vans is continuously increasing, criminals also know that these vehicles contain valuable kits and items that they can easily sell illegally. Needless to say, experts also believe that the areas that have the highest possibility of being victimized by van crime include East Anglia, London, and West Midlands.

For van owners, van insurance should always be a decision to think about. If you use your van a lot in your job or your business’ operation, you should consult insurance companies in order to find out which insurance fits you the best. For example, a comprehensive insurance is recommended to owners whose vans are expensive to replace. As for business people or self-employed individuals, you might also want to consider the items inside your van to be covered as well. Aside from disabling your business operation, if you have expensive business items in your bag, you might want to ask your insurance company for a van insurance that will cover your valuable items as well.

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