Honda CRX Tuning

Honda CR-X, also known as Honda Ballade is another premium vehicle from Honda’s launch pad. The CR-X has some controversial history due to its acronym which means Honda Civic Renaissance Model X. From American markets to European markets, it gradually transformed from a 2 seater to 2+2 seater. European launches made this Honda vehicle more powerful in Engine and bhp.

CR-X lovers across the globe express their love for their machine by tuning it in thousand different ways. They have re defined the concept of tuning their cars. What if the engine is left untouched or the appearance still looks jaded? Every single tuned CR-X on the road has an aura of elegance around it.

Honda CRX Tuning

Starting from the most economical tune ups, one can go for a rio-red bodywork. Rather than heavy and expensive Nitrous systems, it’s advisable to go with cold air intake and sports air filter. A free flow exhaust is sure to boost its performance. Its better if we could manage some loss of extra weight in the car. For example, we can remove the power sunroof and let the top cover stay. Screwing it to the hood and covering it up with a big sticker surely takes out big 20 Kgs.

Moving on to the much luxurious side, a B16A swap or 1.6 sohc VTEC swap is more than enough for a heavy bhp output. A 130 HP is quite manly to prove some mettle on the road. A nitrous X-pack would prove a bit costly but nonetheless a starter version should kick off the much needed performance.

Power windows and power mirrors add style to your beautiful CR-X.

Going a little back in time; let us look at some marvellous works done with CR-X. The 1991 CR-X JDM is a modern man’s obsession in perfect sense. Leon’s Mugen themed ’91 JDM CRX is renowned for speed and energy. Spoon Sports’ bolts, a JDM front end and black Zenon side skirts can turn this big boy into a real beast on the road. Simply cut the JDM fenders, add some cool flares to the trimmed arches and replace the bulky mirrors with carbon-fibre vision type DC mirrors for the final finishing touches and you’ll feel the difference. Spoon callipers are added assets for your machine.

You can make the final looks even more aggressive by introducing lightweight flat back wheels in the form of 16 inch Spoon SW338s shod in Falken Azenis rubber. Adding a few more upgrades to make it a complete seduction pack is the main motive of every owner. Adjustable Camber kit, complete Energy Suspension bushing kit and spoon callipers mated to 11.1 ” rotors are some major performance boosters.

Going for the final touches, getting Golden Eagle themes on the black carbon fibre body will flaunt the real manly characteristics on the road.

CR-X is back with a bang on the roads of Japan and other parts of South-East Asia. Let us see how the most beloved model will fare in the gruelling times of today.

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