Fuel Economy

With today’s sky high gas prices, drivers are more and more interested in ways on achieving better fuel economy. It should be noted that the average driver can save lots of fuel just by making a few changes to the way they drive and maintain their vehicle. Here are just some of the more popular methods to achieve better fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

Maintain Your Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle is an obvious way to save on fuel economy, however most drivers dismiss basic steps to maintain their vehicle properly so that it performs efficiently. Some of the ways you can maintain your vehicle is to make sure that the engine is tuned up correctly. This includes having properly working spark plugs, the timing belt set correctly, air and gas filters are clean and that generally speaking your vehicle is in good or great shape. A worn engine can reduce fuel economy significantly. With proper maintenance, many drivers see an increase of fuel economy of 5% to 10%.

Properly Inflate Tires

Another important way to increase fuel economy is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Tires that are low in air can cause your vehicle to drag and lose precious fuel economy. Since each vehicle has a specific tire inflation rate, it is important to check your vehicle’s manual or the white sticker on the side panel of the driver’s side door.

Minimize Weight You Carry

Another way to save on fuel economy is to lessen your vehicle’s overall weight. If you have lots of cargo in the trunk, remove it (however always keep your spare and jack in the vehicle). Carrying less weight will mean your car has to work less and use less fuel to move it.

Drive at Ideal Speeds

Most passenger vehicles are made to drive between the speeds of 55mph and 65mph for maximum fuel efficiency. If you travel on the highway keep at these speeds to maximize fuel economy. By driving 65mph or faster you can waste up to 20% more in gas. In addition, if you have a manual transmission stay in the range of 2000 RPM and 75% of full throttle for maximum fuel economy.

Avoid Stop & Go Driving

It takes more fuel to accelerate from zero, so try to avoid stop and go traffic. Drive at times when less people are on the road making it easier for you to drive at a constant speed.

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