Founded in 1992 Ultima Sports is a sports automobile manufacturer which builds cars in England. It was founded by ted Marlow and has been slowly building up its reputation with two models of vehicles. Right now the two offered are the GTR and the Can-Am; however they have mostly been sold as unassembled kits. The user must buy the kit and then construct and complete the vehicle himself in order to use and drive it, although an inconvenience it is the only way currently that markets outside of the European theatre can purchase and use the cars.

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Currently the engine that the car uses is a Chevy Small Block V8 which is heavily modified by a third company and can be capable of up to 640 horses. Recently a new engine has been developed that can reach upward of 720 horses and has a 0-100 mile per hour speed rating of just 9.4 seconds.

The Ultima flagship model is the Ultima GTR that is sold as either a kit or as an assembled vehicle. The vehicle is a two door coup with a mid engine, and has the heavily modified Chevy V8 inside, however builders are able to use a large variety of transmissions and engines on the vehicles. It is possible to also go from 0-60 within 2.6 seconds with the optimal conditions met. In fact it has gone from 0-100 in 5.3 seconds, and has gone from 100-0 within 3.6 seconds. Being able to stop that quickly is a major plus for any high performance vehicle.


The vehicle can, if needed, be pushed to 1000 bhp. The frame is built to withstand and handle that kind of massive power and that kind of brute force. It is by far one of the most powerful performance vehicles manufactured by a small car company. On the Top Gear program which is very popular in England the car was able to beat the test track and set an all time fasted vehicle record, by completing the track in a minute and 12.8 seconds.

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