Transport Your Vehicle Overseas

If you are an expat and looking to live overseas, one big consideration to make is what to do with your vehicle.  While for many people, moving to a city in Europe is usually more transportation convenient due to many public transportation services, many car tuning enthusiasts want to hit the road in their own cars.  If this is your choice, you can still transport your vehicle overseas.

Laws are Different Overseas
Before you decide to book transport for your vehicle overseas, first make sure you can do it easily and without major modifications to your vehicle.  The last thing you want to do is pay for transport overseas and then have the government of the country you are living in hold your vehicle until engine and emission modifications are made.  So check ahead and make sure that your car is ready to drive in the country of your choice.

Booking Transport
Usually your car will be transported overseas by ship.  This can take several weeks to a few months.  Also make sure you choose a port that is most convenient for you.  There are several services that offer transportation of vehicles and some while costly are very quick and convenient- helping you with customs.  Other services are much cheaper, take longer and don’t offer services for customs.

Once in Your New Country Register Your Vehicle
Now that your vehicle is in the country that you will be living in, make sure you take the time to register it properly and have it insured.  In addition, if you are staying for many months, you may even have to apply for a driver’s license as well.

Talk to Others for More Information
There are usually plenty of expat forums out there, so make sure you talk to others about transporting vehicles over and the issues they faced.  You may find out some valuable tips.

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