The Lotus Exige

The Lotus Exige is the British sports car with plenty of performance and styling.  While it doesn’t stack up spec wise against Italian super cars or even German sportsters, the Lotus has always held a sweet spot in many car aficionado’s hearts.  The Lotus Exige is a well built, high performance sports car that offers everything necessary to have fun on the open road.  While it doesn’t have a huge engine or lots of unnecessary horsepower, it definitely delivers what a sports car ultimately must- thrilling performance.

Lotus Exige - 2006

The Tech Specs of the Lotus Exige

It first should be noted that there are three trim levels of the Lotus Exige, they include:  the S, the 240 and the S Club Racer.  All of these trims offer plenty of performance and a peppy engine to give you lots of thrills as you find the open road and eat the many curves that come up against you.  There are two different engines that offer pretty similar power.  The first is the 1.8 liter I-4 220 horsepower engine and the second is the 1.8 liter I-4 240 horsepower engine

What gives the Exige fine performance and handling is the bonded extruded aluminum chassis.  In addition, this vehicle comes with a four wheel independent suspension that is finished up with Eibach coil springs and Bilstein gas shock absorbers.

The exterior is beautiful and offers a look similar to the Tesla roadster.  The interior offers a touring package that comes with wonderful leather upholstery, full carpet and a wide variety of features that make your daily commute extremely comfortable.  New for the 2008 year is high definition instrument display, a new ignition key design and new trim levels- the S 240 and S club racer.  The Lotus is nicely priced at about $65K USD.

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