How To Repair Your Car Heater

Car heaters are really important, especially during those cold winters. If you have encountered some problems with your car’s temperature, it is advised that you check your car heater and radiator. Your car heater works almost like your car radiator. The coolant originating from your engine goes through the heater core, and then the air will be blown through the core and into the car’s passenger compartment.

You may encounter some problems if the heater core becomes plugged. If this is the case, it will require replacement or flushing every now and then. When your engine gets hot, there are two hoses from this to your heater core. These hoses could have leaks at high pressure. You can be able to buy flush kits from some auto shops, but if you’re not up for the cost, you can just use a garden hose to flush your car heater and the car radiator.

The most common in car heater and car radiator problems is low engine coolant level. Because of this, you should always check them before you leave for a long trip. If you have an older car, you may have faulty engine thermostat. If you do, it is better if you could have it changed at a car repair shop.

Make it a habit to check the temperature gauge whenever you enter your car. Make sure it is in the normal range to avoid other problems. You can also check the temperature yourself. Just use the metal case thermometer placed into the filler of the radiator, but only when the engine is cold.

If you still encounter problems with the heater despite the temperature and fluid level, it may come from poor circulation through the heater core. You can test that by keeping the engine running at normal temperature and feeling the heater hoses. The two hoses should have the same temperature. If you felt that their temperature are not the same, you should try replacing them or flushing them.

If you are working on your car heater yourself, always use caution. It could be very hot, so never ever try to work around it while the engine is hot.. It is also practical to use gloves in order to protect your hands from being burned. But you are not that used in fooling around the car, it is better if you let a mechanic do the work.

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