Switzer Performance R911S based on Porsche 911 GT2

A couple of days after Porsche revealed the new 911 GT2 RS with 620-hp, American tuner Switzer Performance unleashed their R911S which at least in terms of power blows the GT2 RS into the middle of next week!

Switzer R911S is an evolution to their P800 package, and where that only had 800 hp the new one which has bigger intercoolers kicks out a massive 911 hp.


When you have this much power in a rear-engined car you gotta have super human powers to control it. Fortunately Switzer also helps by fitting the car with a highly advanced suspension consisting of titanium inverted-front-strut, remote-reservoir suspension engineered by the track experts at JRZ!

This overpowered GT2 also beats the factory standard GT2 RS when it comes to the price. It has a price tag of $239,900 whereas the RS starts form $250,000.

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