Respraying a Car

Respraying a car is a costly and time consuming process if you don’t own the expensive materials.  Respraying an entire car means you will need allot of masking tape to protect the areas you do not want sprayed, and you will need the right tools and nozzles for your airbrush.  In fact, it is better that you don’t start respraying a car at all – instead take it to your local car painter and body modification shop.  They sometimes will let you watch.  The process for respraying a car is to first document down the make and the year it was made, then optionally buff off the old paint or prime it to paint over the old coats.  After this is done they will either take all the outer shell parts of the car off, or if it is a cheaper service they may just tape up the places that paint should not go.  For the best respraying jobs they should take the car apart – removing all the pieces that will  be undergoing a respraying and then after having finished will reassemble it for you. 

Before you drive off your baby to some butcher shop, first try to give some thought about where you will be taking your car to undergo a full respraying.  Consider visiting the shop and looking at the work they do before leaving your car to be sprayed.  Peruse around and see if you know anyone who has been respraying their car for tips, or had their car undergo a respraying in one of the shops.  Fine referrals, find people who understand the procedure.  If you think you can do it yourself and start respraying a car that you own, give it a shot.  just don’t be surprised when your car doesn’t look right (unless you buy a respraying kit with full instructions and procedures that you should follow down to the very last letter at all times).

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