Proper Car Maintenance

Do you know that a great deal of accidents happen because the car is not properly maintained? If you don’t want to belong to that statistics, well, you need to maintain your car properly.

Now, car maintenance doesn’t have to equate with purchasing expensive car parts. It simply means you develop some preventive measures in order to improve your car’s performance and extends its useful life.

These common car care tips will help you get your money’s worth on your automobile:

  • Don’t forget to tune up the engine. Rather, it should be part of your overall car maintenance plan. This means you have to check all components of the engine to ensure that there are no clogs in your fuel injectors or filters, no torn belts, or no misfirings in the spark plugs. If not, you can expect any smooth engine function.
  • Monitor your car’s tires. Fifteen percent of the total reduction on fuel and engine efficiency is caused by underinflated tires. Thus, tire pressure should constantly be checked. The best time to do that is when the car’s tires are cold. Develop periodic tire maintenance, perhaps at least once per month. Should there be a digital gauge, however, you may have to perform the check more often. After all, you reduce the life of your tires if there’s low tire pressure.
  • Use the best kind of oil for your car. Normally, the car manufacturer can recommend on to you. However, if you want to conserve energy, you may stick with oils containing additives that can reduce friction.
  • Check the filters as often as possible. These include both the oil and air filters. If dust and other particles are clogging these filters, they can create undue damage to the engine. Regular maintenance of these filters, with subsequent oil change, should be done when your car gets to travel for every 3,000-4,000 miles.
  • Check your brakes regularly. Brakes normally create friction, so they are inclined to develop wear and tear. Should you hear grinding or squealing noises, feel any shaking on the steering wheel, or the car will just pull to a particular side when stopping, it’s time for you to have a look at your brakes and have the problematic parts changed or ask some help from an expert.

A car can be such a complex tool. Yet if you just know how to properly maintain them, you’ll realize that despite its complexity, it can also be indispensable because of its usefulness.

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