Prestige presents new styling kit for Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport is a kind of car the tuners can stop working on! And British tuner Prestige is one of the tuners that really can’t hold back!

Here’s their latest take on the RR Sport and if it looks familiar that’s because there are at least 20 other tuners out there following the same recipe.


It usually contains ridiculously long front bumper with spoiler lip (why’d you need that in a SUV?!), all-black grille, massive side skirts, buffed up fenders, and a new rear bumper with aero parts in it (again, it’s not a race car for crying out loud).


And not to forget a roof spoiler and huge wheels preferably in black, because it’s fashionable. All of these changes make the car more interesting for those who want a unique ride for showing off their wealth, and that’s so uncool! It also ruins the car’s ride and off-road capabilities.

You think it’s worth it?!

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