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The Saleen Mustangs are high performance cars of the muscle category, being faster, stronger, and decked out with all kinds of performance enhancing goodies. They are a limited edition manufacturer who is NOT classified as an after market carmaker. Well, on to the good stuff. What they do, is they take a modern sports car, like the Mustang, and fully modify it into being something that is no longer its own vehicle, and also modify it so much that they are subject to federal safety regulations and are considered a manufacturing firm since they do re-manufacture the parts and the materials needed. Many of their vehicles are not street legal and are used for racing rather than for casual driving (well no … sherlock) and their current supermodel is the Saleen S281 Extreme Mustang, which is a 550 horsepower fifth gen. Mustang which has been modified to include their V8 engine and the addition of a front splitter.

The company started off in the early eighties and was known by eighty four to be producing three hatchback vehicles, later on they started producing more and then finally implemented the 7L V8, which was incorporated into the S7 series that they manufacture. One of the models they manufactured until 2004 was the Saleen S7TT which was a 750 horsepower twin turbo S7, with an after market package that offered an upgrade to 1000 horsepower, the beast of them all. Some upcoming Saleen Mustangs will be the H302, which is a 390 horsepower followup to a current production run on the H281, this version only has minor variation and performance increases, however the H302 SC is a 500+ horsepower beast, which has a forced induction system. There are a few others, but the last upcoming Saleen mustang worth mentioning is the S302 E, this vehicle has a 600 horsepower powerhouse under the hood, and that number might just jump up, and uses a supercharger – the final HP rating has not yet been confirmed on this one.

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