Modding Your Car for Better Gas Mileage

With gas prices at the highest levels ever, it is a no-brainer that while many modify and tune their cars for speed and performance, others find themselves tuning their cars for economy and gas mileage.  The good news is that almost anyone and any vehicle can be modified to save on gas.  Most modifications are extremely easy and are very affordable.  Here are a just a few.

Inflate Your Tires to Proper Levels
You probably heard it many times before, but ensuring your tires are properly inflated is perhaps the easiest way to save a couple of miles per gallon and usually costs you zip.  Simply check the manual or the side of the driver’s door to see the correct psi.

Performance ECU Chips
Just as an engine chip can increase performance, horsepower and speed, there are also chips on the market that can help you conserve fuel economy without wasting performance.  Many of these “green” chips are new to the market and becoming quite popular.

Body Kits Improve Aerodynamics
One of the most efficient ways to improve gas mileage is to have a car that is aerodynamic.  While many cars that are geared to performance are already quite aerodynamic, by adding a body kit and ground effects, you can ultimately lower drag while making your vehicle look ultra- sleek.  Body kits while a little more expensive than other choices, are a great investment making your car more unique and better looking.  Many kits can be had for less than $1,000 and not only come in a wide range of colors, but are light weight and durable.

With gas prices at their highest, there are many ways to boost fuel economy and car tuning can be the perfect way to increase the mileage your vehicle gets.

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  1. kraig says:

    I seen 21% increase in my truck in better gas mileage and can help the envirnment alot!

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