A car project was initiated in 1999 with the idea of providing a safe alternative vehicle to the ones that are currently offered. From this came the first car manufacturer in Sri Lanka, a historic event for the small island with thousands upon thousands of inhabitants (one of which is famous science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke). With these safety and local concerns in mind MICRO was founded with the purpose to build a small economical car using at least sixty percent of its material from Sri Lanka and not exports.

Microcar Logo

By June 2000 they had a working prototype and were undergoing final tests and evaluations to see if this little mini could hold up. The man behind the establishment of the MICRO brand is a Dr. Lawrence Perara, who has said it is his vision to make and manufacture a vehicle of high quality in Sri Lanka to boost the local economy and provide better safety on the roads there.

Micro Car

Today they have six Micro vehicles on the market and continue to do more research and development with the goal of having better and more reliable vehicles being manufactured to help the economic situation, along with increase their profit margin. One of their recent developments is the very popular Mini Van, a van that is in mini form and can fit up to 8 passengers at one time. It is quite small, but in their current economy it fares much better than a huge import that could cost thousands just to deliver, and thus far sales of the new Mini Van (not minivan) are very good. Recently the government of Sri Lanka has given Micro a mission to develop a new kind of transportation to lessen the amount of congestion on the roads and the likelihood of an accident. They are now investing in the new light rail system that they designed called the Lanka Econo Rail, and as such is supported by the government.

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