Lamborghini Gallardo – Living on the edge!

Now this beauty from the Lamborghini family is not just a speed cruiser that you see in your video games it is the ultimate warrior among all super cars. Being the second among its siblings of Diablo and Murciélago this Lamborghini has a lot to offer in terms of its interior design. Cruising up to speeds more than 250km/h in just 10 seconds this super car can certainly get your adrenaline rushing. But what’s notorious about this car like any other Lamborghini is its engine. Yeah!!! The heart of this beauties creativity that sets it cruising .It’s 6.2 liter V-12 engine is design to accelerate the car at maximum speeds. But always remember that this car as much as it exhibits its aggression has enough concern for your safety as the tires of Diablo are wide enough to provide traction control. Imagine yourself cruising through the beach at high speeds with your dear one gushing your adrenaline at 250km/h. Now that’s living on the edge!

Lamborghini Gallardo Picture

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