Jaguar Soon May be Offering Competition to the Porsche Boxster

For those that love the Jaguar name plate, even through the last couple of decades where problems have been abound, Jaguar has become more stable and is trying to produce vehicles that are not only elegant, but sporty and offer performance that even a car tuning enthusiast can enjoy.  With some fresh ideas, Jaguar is once again a big cat in the jungle looking for prey and delivering up some vehicles that may be a reality in the near future.  Two of these vehicles include Boxster competition and a convertible possibly on the horizon.

Ever since Porsche released their Boxster in the 90’s as a good looking, nice performing and budget friendly vehicle, many car makers especially those in Europe have taken note-specifically BMW.  Now it seems that Jaguar also has taken note and there is a strong possibility that a Jaguar Boxster along with a convertible is on the horizon.

Jaguar F Type

In addition to the Boxster competition that may be coming out soon, another type of vehicle that is being expected in the coming year or two is a new Jaguar convertible, perhaps built on the XF platform.  The XF is the perfect vehicle to extend the line of jaguar to.  With its new owners, Jaguar is looking to remain competitive and enhance its pedigree image.  Although low cost manufacturer TaTa recently purchased Jaguar, many dealerships are expecting fresh ideas and a new competitive spirit.

In fact, while Jaguar has done some good things with the XK120, C Type and D Type vehicles, its definitely time to make a mark and influence those wealthy drivers on the road that prefer something other than a Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac.  We will definitely keep you posted on our end.

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